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For Colorado sports bettors, what began at the Supreme Court in 2018, ended in May 2020, when sports betting finally went live in the Centennial State. Proposition DD was passed in November 2019 by just over two percent of the vote, legalizing retail, online, and mobile sports betting for the first time in the state’s history.

The laws in the state are simple. If you are at least 21 years old, you can place wagers at any of the retail casinos that have paid for a sports betting license and opened a sportsbook. Colorado has 33 casinos in the mountain towns of Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk, and almost all of them have applied for some form of sports betting license.

If you are 21 years old and inside the borders of the state of Colorado, you can place wagers with any online wagering site and mobile app that is affiliated with one of those retail sportsbook operators.


When the Colorado sports betting market opened in May, there were several high-quality sportsbook apps ready to go.


Licensed through the Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, FanDuel has gone from being a top daily fantasy sports site to being one of the best all-around sports betting apps in the country. They offer bets on almost everything, give new sign-ups $500 in free wagers, and the app operates on a fast and nimble platform that is ideal for in-play wagering.

FOX Bet:

Part of the Stars Group, which many customers will know through PokerStars, FOX Bet combines experience and top technology with the name recognition of FOX Sports. They offer $500 in risk-free betting for signing up and another $500 in deposit matching.

It’s a good app, has early and quickly updated lines, and runs off the master license held by Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk.


Another of the DFS players that has been in Colorado for many years prior to legal sports betting, DraftKings partners with the Golden Mardi Gras Casino in Black Hawk.

A great and responsive app, a full schedule of events to wager, and risk-free bets and deposit matches that total $1000 make DraftKings one of the top apps on the Colorado market.


In the world of gaming, it doesn’t get more iconic than the name MGM. It’s lesser known as a mobile app, but that is changing with each new state that legalizes sports betting and finds BetMGM as one of the first apps on the market.

A unique feature of BetMGM is the partnerships it has with the NBA, NHL, and MLB. Because of that, it has special sport-specific promotions and bonus bets you don’t find with other sportsbooks.


Not everyone has heard of PointsBet or understands points betting, but it was one of the first on the scene in Colorado and has become incredibly popular. They take all the regular bets, and have an easy-to-use and responsive app to handle a customer’s needs.

But they also offer points betting – which means that if you place a bet and it wins by two points, you win two times your wager. Three points is three times, and on it goes.

Just be careful. If that wager loses by two points, you lose twice your bet.

All of the sports betting apps in Colorado are available for both IOS and Android. Because Google Play does not allow gambling apps on its store, you will have to go to the sportsbook’s website for links and instructions on downloading their app.



Almost every kind of sports bet is legal in Colorado and available through one of the many sportsbooks operating in the state.

Unlike some states, like New Jersey, as an example, Colorado bettors can place wagers on Colorado college teams and other college sports taking place in the state. Not every state allows that.

The one exception to this regulation for Colorado college athletics is proposition bets. Prop bets are legal and popular, but in Colorado, they are only legal on professional sports.

Because of the amateur nature of college sports, proposition bets are not allowed. You can bet on the Colorado football team to win or lose. You cannot bet on how many touchdowns the Colorado quarterback will throw.

Wagering on high school sports and esports is also not allowed. This restriction is in line with what we see across the country.

Other than that, everything is on the table, including table tennis from Russia, if you are so moved to place a wager. From Korean baseball to cricket in India to rugby in Australia and darts in England, the online and mobile sportsbooks in Colorado carry it all.


Colorado has a rich history with its sports teams. The Denver Broncos are an original AFL franchise, and they’ve won three Super Bowls.

The year the Avalanche moved to Denver from Quebec, they won their first of two Stanley Cups. The University of Colorado football team won the NCAA Division I National Championship in 1990. Even the expansion Rockies have played in a World Series.

Not only can you bet all of these teams at Colorado-based sportsbooks, but you are also encouraged to. When DraftKings first went live in May, it was offering odds boosts on the season win total for the Broncos. You could also find total win offers that paid you each week the Broncos won.

There are similar odds boosters and promotional bets available for the Avalanche, Nuggets, Rockies, and both Colorado and Colorado State.
All of the major professional team sports take place in the state, and if you add in Air Force, you have three major college programs operating in Colorado. Denver is also the place that the very first UFC event took place.

When it comes to betting in Colorado, the state’s professional and college teams, and the history of sports in Colorado, are always at the forefront.


With only high school and esports off-limits and an entire menu of sports options to choose from
– locally, nationally, and internationally – the number of available bets in Colorado is just as comprehensive.

Point Spread: The most basic of team sports bets – either take the points or give them. If you have ever placed a point spread bet, you have experienced the highs and lows and late-game free throws and touchdowns, and you no doubt have shouted at your television.

Moneyline: Your basic win/loss bet that uses odds to even out the betting field as opposed to a point spread. A win is a win, and a loss is a loss. How much you make is determined by the oddsmaker.

Over/Under: Also known as a totals bet because you are betting on the total combined points scored in the game. Your bet is on whether the total will go over or under the posted line.
Late-game free throws can also be rage-inducing when you’re playing the under.

Parlays: Super popular among players and bookmakers alike, these are small bets combined into one large bet, which, if it wins, pays off big. The big potential payoff is why players love them, but since just one loss sinks the entire bet, they are usually a moneymaker for the book.

Round Robins: Pick a number of teams and bet them as parlays in every possible combination. Each winning combo is a win for the player. Unlike an actual parlay bet, not all bets must win.

Proposition Bets: These are individual or team bets inside an event. Prop bets may include the first team to score, which starting pitcher finishes with the most strikeouts in a game, or who has the most fourth-quarter three-pointers. In Colorado, prop bets are only available when betting professional sports.

Futures Bets: These are bets on events that have yet to take place, like the winner of the Super Bowl, The Masters, or next year’s NCAA Tournament. The longer the odds, the bigger the potential payday.
In-Play Betting: These are bets placed on events and games already in progress. Also known as live betting, as the event progresses, the odds and point spreads automatically change, giving players new bets to place every few minutes.

This is interactive sports wagering at its finest, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.


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Colorado sports gamblers have several ways to make deposits into their new sports betting accounts. The easiest and safest, and the method recommended by the sportsbooks themselves, is online bill pay.

It works just like paying any bill online. You send money to your account directly and securely and without ever having to give out your account number. Not only is this the safest way to fund a new account, but it’s also the fastest.

Credit and debit cards remain the most popular way to put money into an account, and they are an available method in Colorado. One thing to note – some credit card companies treat payments to sportsbooks like a cash advance, so they may attach extra fees.

Other companies may automatically decline the payment request because it’s an online sportsbook or casino. It’s always best to call your credit card company to ask about extra fees and authorize any upcoming transactions.

Finally, you have the family of e-wallet services to choose from. These include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or any prepaid card that might be offered by the sportsbook operator. These function very much like a credit card payment.

If all else fails, Colorado sportsbooks will take checks and money orders, or you can put cash into your account when you are visiting a retail sportsbook location.


Even more important than putting money into your account is taking money out of it. For a sportsbook to claim good banking practices, they must make withdrawals quick and easy.

Most Colorado sportsbooks will only make PayPal and other e-wallets, or online bill pay, available to those who use it for deposit. In that case, it’s easy to reverse the transaction and move the funds in the other direction.
If a specific withdrawal method is preferable, be sure to check with the sportsbook before you make your deposit. Sportsbooks themselves prefer electronic transactions over paper ones, so they will try to send you an e-check that is deposited directly into a bank account or e-wallet account.

If you made your deposit through a cash or check transaction, this means that the only available way to have your money sent is by personal check. This will, of course, lead to a slight delay in processing and postal time. You can also get cash at the casino cage at retail sportsbooks if you prefer.


If you are over the age of 21 and physically located in Colorado, you can place bets in person, online, and over a mobile app. You do not need to be a resident of Colorado to place bets in the state. Anyone of age that is visiting the state can wager. There are some betting restrictions placed on players, coaches, team officials, and league officials who can influence the outcome of a sporting event. If you are the team trainer, as an example, it is illegal for you to wager on an event involving your team.

All sports betting revenue generated by the sportsbook operators is taxed at 10%. That money is going to fund water management projects in the state. Customers are not taxed at the point of sale but are required to declare all sports betting profits when filing taxes with the IRS. Depending on the amount, some winnings may have taxes withheld by the sports betting operator.

Bets can be placed on all Colorado professional and college sports teams. The one exception is that proposition bets involving college athletics are not legal. It is also illegal to wager on high school sports or any amateur sporting event involving someone under the age of 18. These restrictions have become the industry standard across the country.

It’s very safe. All of the available sportsbooks in Colorado are subject to strict regulations and oversight from the Colorado Division of Gaming. They also all entered the Colorado market with worldwide reputations of fair play and safe and secure account management.